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Bright prospects

Thermal solar technology includes areas, in which ERK has acquired years of expertise which can also be applied to the field of thermal solar technology. This includes, for example,

  • criteria for determining suitable heat transfer media and operational conditions on the basis of the water circulation software developed in-house.
  • the design of so-called back-up steam generators for the specific application under unsteady operational conditions.
  • absorber and storage technology based on ERK Tube technology for dot-and-line focus systems.

Back-up boilers

Since solar energy is not available all the time, even during the day time, solar thermal power plants have to be able to fall back on either thermal storage or back-up boilers that also have certain storage properties. While another heat carrier cycle usually has to be installed for storing thermal energy, which goes hand in hand with a certain loss of energy, back-up boilers can be directly integrated into the steam generation cycle. The biggest advantage of such boilers is that fluctuating steam quality is no longer a problem and that the start-up times for reaching normal operating conditions are quite short.

In this field, ERK collaborates with many partners from industry and science. These include the German partners Solarlite GmbH, La Mont GmbH, DLR, the Fraunhofer group, TH Wildau as well as the Australian partners CSIRO, Wizard Power and the University of Technology, Sydney.

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Always one step ahead

R&D have always been one of the main cornerstones for ERK Eckrohrkessel GmbH. From the very beginning, special importance was attached to the sparing use and responsible management of available resources. This also concerns the consumption of energy sources during plant operation, the material consumption in manufacturing energy conversion systems, and the impact on the environment.

Scientific partners

One of our most importent partners in R&D is the University of Applied Sciences Wildau.