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In the period from 2009 to 2011, ERK conducted the forward-looking project 'heterogeneous catalysis', in which the achievement potential of the ERK Tube micro technology was tested. What makes this technology so special is that it permits the surface to be modified by adding microscopic indentations. They are produced in a special galvanic process. The special thing is that during the course of the galvanic process, metallic bodies arise in geometrically exactly defined perforations in thin plastic films.

This way, the surface can be increased by a factor of ten to 1000 compared to the original surface. Generally, this creates microscopic cylinders, which stand on the surface, orthogonally inclined or crisscrossed, and integrated into the surface. Currently, diameters of 1-10µ and lengths of 10-1000µ can be achieved.

More on ERK Tube micro technology in the area of heterogeneous catalysis

The catalytic oxidation of carbon monoxide on copper was picked as a model reaction: 2CO + O2 -> 2CO2. On one hand, we observed that ip tube micro could significantly increase the conversion of carbon monoxide in comparison to a bare tube. On the other hand, the temperature, at which conversions first took place, was much lower than with a bare tube. Based on these results, it was plausibly shown that ip tube micro technology can be applied to many other gas reactions in the area of heterogeneous catalysis. First applications might be conceivable in the fields of catalytic post-combustion and catalytic de-nitrification.

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R&D have always been one of the main cornerstones for ERK Eckrohrkessel GmbH. From the very beginning, special importance was attached to the sparing use and responsible management of available resources. This also concerns the consumption of energy sources during plant operation, the material consumption in manufacturing energy conversion systems, and the impact on the environment.