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In the ERK Tube technology developed by ERK and La Mont in collaboration with academic institutions, metal and non-metal tubes are provided with surface indentations that assist heat and substance transfer.   

The basic effect of these indentations is to influence the thermal and hydrodynamic boundary layer in order to significantly increase the heat and substance transfer without this leading to an increased pressure drop in the liquid flow and circulation through the pipes. By modifying the indentation, also the fouling tendency, caused in particular by the caking of dust, can be reduced.

Advantages of ERK Tube technology

  • Three times more heat and substance transfer in comparison to bare tubes with unchanged energy requirements for flow and circulation, but a reduced surface area.
  • The transfer effect can even be increased fivefold if there is a phase change in the heat transfer medium,
  • Less material is needed for heat exchangers or reactors in relation to the reduced surface area.
  • Considerably less cleaning; in certain applications cleaning facilities become redundant altogether.
  • A considerable reduction of the overall size of the installation is possible. Multi-stage air pre-heaters can be reduced to one third of the comparative volume.
  • Reduced tendency for long tubes to vibrate
  • Compensation of axial stresses within tubes for applications in the area of fire tube boilers and solar absorbers
  • Reduction of the manufacturing costs due to less welding
  • Lower logistics costs.

Areas of application of ERK Tube

  • Power engineering (e.g. boilers, heat exchangers, condensers,
  • thermal post-combustion)
  • Chemical technology (e.g. tube bundle reactors for heterogeneous catalysis, reactive evaporators or condensers, waste heat boilers for process gas)
  • Marine technology (e.g. waste heat boilers downstream of engines, packaged high temperature and steam boilers)
  • Architectural engineering (e.g. heat pumps, convective heating surfaces in conventional boilers for use in buildings, condensing boilers)

Further information on the ERK Tube technology can be found on the website of La Mont GmbH www.erktubes.com.

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Always one step ahead

R&D have always been one of the main cornerstones for ERK Eckrohrkessel GmbH. From the very beginning, special importance was attached to the sparing use and responsible management of available resources. This also concerns the consumption of energy sources during plant operation, the material consumption in manufacturing energy conversion systems, and the impact on the environment.

ERK Tube external structure

ERK Tube internal structure

ERK Tube CO2-conversion