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since 1929

Eckrohr Boilers are always ahead when it comes to techno-economical solutions.

More than 6,000 boilers in operation and support from basic design to detail engineering

Complete energy solutions with highest efficiencies

Marine boilers – compact and high steam purity

Complete engineering services from design to simulation

CSP-system design, absorber tubes and back-up boilers (photomontage)

Since the invention of the corner tube boiler in 1944 almost 6,000 boiler and heater references with capacities up to 250MW have been built through the ERK license network. Due to the vast quantity of references ERK has experience with almost every fuel available, including:


  •   >360    for biomass,
  •   >630    for waste,
  •   >240    for heat recovery,
  •   >660    for coal,
  •   >3.920  for oil and gas, and
  •   >1.150 of these references use multiple fuels.

Our references not only include systems for steam but also hot water, thermal oils, chemicals, and multiple working fluids. The total installed capacity of our references exceeds 80,000 MW and the knowledge from all these plants is used to optimise every new ERK system. This expertise makes ERK one of the world leaders in boiler design. 

The graphs below provide a breakdown of our references according to fuel type and please choose from the references details selection on the left to get more overview of our references. Feel free to contact us if you require more information.