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Newsletter January

Even through it is already the end of January we want to wish you a Happy New Year and trust it has started well for you! Throughout the year we will keep you informed about our activities on a three monthly basis and are looking forward to working with you in 2018.

Management transition at ERK

After 20 years of being ERK’s Managing Director Prof. Dr. Udo Hellwig has decided to hand over the day-to-day business activities to Mr. Alexis Hellwig and Dr. Juergen Peterseim.

Mr. Alexis Hellwig will look after all business activities in Asia and Dr. Juergen Peterseim after the rest of the world. Considering our strong market share in Asia this is approximately a 50/50 licensee share each. The map outlines the countries each of them is responsible for.

Prof. Dr. Udo Hellwig will support the new management team with advice and his decades of management expertise. Additionally, he will remain involved in strategic business development and lead our R&D activities.

2017 in review

Last year has been a good one for ERK as our licensees registered more than 30 new boiler projects and we completed multiple engineering contracts.

The new projects include biomass, waste, gas, oil and heat recovery boilers from the following licensees: Parat (Norway), Schneider Kessel (Germany), Remming (Serbia), Eralp Kazan, Selnikel and Teta Kazan (Turkey), Garmar Gostar (Iran), SCBC (China), JFE (Japan), DGA and Getabec (Thailand), Martech (Vietnam), Mackenzie (Malaysia), Basuki (Indonesia), Gonella (Argentina) and Berkes (Uruguay).

In the engineering business area we continued to receive various contracts for detail engineering and expert reports.

Boiler conservation in changing energy markets

Due to the changing energy landscape in Europe power plants shut down more frequently, which has negative effects on the plant components, including the boiler.

To share knowledge and gain further insights our Michael Beyer attended a workshop on conservation methods recently. The corrosion behaviour depends strongly on the presence of water, oxygen and salts. Knowing the different effects and boiler conservation methods (wet and dry) can significantly reduce shutdown related corrosion.

ERK offers such consultant work as part of its engineering portfolio and please contact us if you have any further questions.

Featured project – Sludge fired boiler in Turkey

Combining waste management and power generation is a global trend and ERK has decades of experience and >650 references for waste to energy boilers. More recently new waste materials, such as sewage sludge, are used in boiler systems to provide process heat and/or electricity.

In 2017 our Turkish licensee Eralp Kazan has installed and commissioned two sewage sludge fired boilers with steam parameters of 5.6 tph, 460°C and 40 bar. We want to congratulate the Eralp team for realising this interesting project with us.

In the future sewage sludge fired boilers will be deployed more frequently all over the world and we already got the next orders with our licensee Mackenzie from Malaysia.



Newsletter October

Starting the last quarter of this year we would like to provide an update on our recent activities and developments. 

One important milestone this year was our technical training in Berlin. Know-how exchange and discussions with our licensees are very important to ensure that each project is designed according to the clients’ needs, commercial constraints and licensee manufacturing capability. We want to thank all participants and are looking forward to meeting you again in the near future.

PARAT from Norway joins ERK licensee network

Recently,  PARAT Halvorsen AS from Norway joined the ERK licensee network. PARAT holds an ERK Tube license and focuses on applying the technology to its marine boiler activities.

The start of the cooperation has been very successful with an offshore project involving 24 heat recovery boilers. For ERK this is the single largest ERK Tube offshore project and we are very much looking forward to future projects with PARAT.

New ERK brochure

Over the last few months ERK has started a process to improve its marketing communication and we would like to inform you about a few improvements.

One point is our new company brochure which now covers all products and reflects the full scope of our activities. You can download the new brochure here. We have also refreshed our logo and rebranded our ip tube technology to ERK® Tube technology. The term ERK® Tube technology
better reflects the origin of the technology and will be used
from now on in all communication.

Updating our website is the last item on our agenda for
this year and we will keep you informed about this.

ERK introduces new container power plant concept

Over the last months ERK has developed a 330 kWe net containerised power plant capable to use biomass & waste materials. The new product is called ERK® Re-Gen, which reflects the plant characteristics of remote, renewable and redeployable power generation.

ERK® Re-Gen aims to replace remote diesel power generation & improve waste management practices. The containerised solution allows high standardisation, rapid transport and installation as well as renewable power generation. Due to the high cost of diesel power generation in remote locations, such as US$250-450/MWh, ERK® Re-Gen can reduce costs by >50% while using local fuels.

ERK is partnering with some of its licensees to commercialise the technology.

Featured project - Fiji biomass project

Most remote islands use reciprocating engines with heavy fuel oil or diesel for power generation. However, many island states have renewable energy policies in place and are working on its implementation.

Earlier this year our licensee LAWI Engineering GmbH  from Germany  commissioned a multi-fuel boiler island for a 12 MWe biomass plant in Fiji. This power plant generates base load power for the Fijian public grid and is expected to annually reduce CO2 emissions by more than 50,000 tonnes. For many islands in the tropics biomass is a very interesting fuel to:

a) generate renewable electricity or heat/cooling,

b) use locally available feedstocks, and

c) create direct and indirect long-term employment.

We congratulate LAWI  to this interesting project and are looking forward to join LAWI in further projects delivering renewable energy to the remoter parts of our world.




Newsletter April

We are already in the 2nd quarter of 2017 and hope the 1st quarter has been good for you. ERK has started the year with some new waste to energy, biomass and heat recovery boiler projects.

In addition to our day to day activities we have started to update our marketing materials and will inform you in the next newsletter about new brochures, presentations etc.

ERK won 2016 German resource efficiency award

In February ERK received the German Award for Natural Resource Efficiency for our ERK® Tube technology, formerly ip tube technology. Our technology was selected because of the possible material savings and improved boiler/heat exchanger performance. We are honoured to have received this competitive award as it is a welcome recognition for all people involved and the effort that went into the commercialisation of this innovation.

Turning a new idea into commercial products is always a challenge and we are glad to have achieved this. Our aim is to repeat this with some of the other innovations we are developing currently.

New ERK representative for Southeast Asia

Since the beginning of this year ERK has a dedicated Business Development Manager for Southeast Asia, Dr. Verena Streitferdt. She is located in Indonesia and her role is to support our local licensees and develop new markets for ERK, e.g. energy from waste and geothermal. Dr. Streitferdt has strong expertise in energy efficiency and more than 5 years work experience in Southeast Asia. We are glad that she has joined our team and please feel free to contact her if you have any questions or business ideas.

Boosting efficiency with zeolites

A while ago ERK has completed a R&D-Project on the integration of zeolites  into our boiler systems to boost thermal efficiency. The project included the testing of all components in a small cogeneration plant located at the University of Applied Sciences Wildau

Zeolite, hot stones, are microporous structures, which behave like sponges. Their immense inner surface, 1,000 m2/g, absorbs water and simultaneously releases heat. This feature enables an upgrade of low temperature heat sources. Possible applications for zeolites in boiler systems and industrial plants include flue gas condensation and thermal energy storage. Zeolites absorb the water in flue gases while simultaneously increasing its temperature level. When used for thermal energy storage it allows long-term storage and mobile storage systems.

We would like to thank the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy for its generous support and are looking forward to first commercial projects.



Newsletter December

2016 has been a good year for ERK with multiple new boiler registrations from various industries, such as waste to energy, biomass power generation, offshore, oil & gas, and energy efficiency. In addition to boilers systems we received multiple orders to design bubbling fluidised bed combustions systems too. Our engineering activities have increased significantly, adding references to various expert reports for steam and hot water boilers as well as CFD and FEM analyses and optimisation.

Looking ahead more strategically we have continued our expansion into further renewable energy markets, such as concentrating solar power and geothermal, through conference talks, R&D projects and business development activities.

One highlight was our bi-annual licensee conference in September, which many licensee attended. We had very fruitful discussions about current projects, market challenges/opportunities and new products.

We are quite optimistic about next year and wish all of you a relaxing festive season and a great start into 2017.

New boiler and heater enquiry form online

As part of ERK’s continuous move towards digital engineering we are glad to launch our new online boiler and heater enquiry form. The form allows licensees and other clients to simply provide us with the relevant project information and receive feedback quickly as these project details can be imported directly into our in-house boiler design software. The tool was developed in-house by our software team in close cooperation with engineering.

In the online enquiry form the client is guided through different input tabs depending on the fuel, working fluid, and temperature and pressure requirements.

Flue gas condensation

Today renewables & fossil fuels need to be used as efficiently as possible. Various solutions already exist to maximize boiler efficiency and flue gas condensation is another option worth considering.

Flue gas condensation is widely used in residential heating systems but the technology had no real breakthrough in industrial applications yet. However, the potential is considerable, e.g. 3% higher net electric output in a cogeneration plant.

Due to the low temperature differences and the requirement for corrosion resistance materials ERK Tube technology is ideally suited to minimise cost by reducing heating surfaces up to 30%. ERK has realised flue gas condensers with its licensees Berkes and Remming and we are looking forward to further references in this area.

Rapid response boilers to compensate intermittent generation

With the rising deployment of intermittent renewable energies and in the absence of large scale energy storage, new power and cogeneration plants need to be highly flexible to handle the load demands.

Load flexibility and fast ramp rates are key characteristics of ERK boilers and we have rapid response units in operation for more than 15 years, e.g. 130 tph and 540°C oil and gas fired unit in Cottbus, Germany. These boilers can start from 0-100% load in <4.5 minutes and have been tested to do this in only 3 minutes.

ERK is now transferring this know-how to load flexible HRSG’s for gas turbine combines cycle plants as these are likely to provide balancing power in the future. To maximise load change capabilities we have applied for patents, which reduce the wall thickness of the high pressure drum and headers.

We have already quoted this new design with one of our licensees and are looking forward to future project opportunities.

New machine for ERK Tube production

Over the last years the sales of our ip tube technology and corresponding engineering activities have grown continuously. To cope up with the demand, ERK decided to provide its licensee La Mont with a new ERK Tube production machine. After months of engineering and assembly, the new machine is now in commercial operation and can manufacture ERK Tube technology from carbon and stainless tubes with the following parameters:

  • Tube diameter 6-120 mm
  • Wall thickness up to 8 mm

With the improved manufacturing capabilities, it is now possible to strengthen ERK’s position in fire tube boilers and the first successes are 6x ip tube boiler with our licensee Gonella and 2x with Schneider Kessel.

We are looking forward to grow this business and in time lease ERK Tube production machines to our licensees worldwide.

Our colleague Michael Göbel retires after 46 years at ERK

After 46 years our dear colleague Michael Goebel retired earlier this month. He started with us in 1970 and has designed hundreds of boilers, including the 6,000th ERK boiler in 2016. His career spanned more than 4,000 ERK boiler references and we believe it’s very hard to find someone who can match his expertise. Luckily, we will not lose his expertise at once as he agreed to train our young engineers and provide his know-how on a part-time basis. We wish Michael all the best for his retirement and are looking forward to see him around the office occasionally. 



Newsletter September

We are already in the third quarter of 2016 and we would like to update you on our activities over the last four months. We continued to receive multiple boiler registrations from our licensees worldwide and are now looking forward to meeting most of them at our upcoming ERK licensee conference in September.

ERK ranked among top boiler technology providers worldwide

According to recent analysis by McCoy Power Reports ERK ranks among the top boiler technology providers worldwide with a 4.7% global market share from 2006 to 2015. ERK achieved 8th place for fossil fuel, 5th place for waste to energy, and 3rd place for biomass and bubbling fluidised bed boilers. Off all companies in the top 10 ERK is the only one working exclusively with license agreements. Ranking high in low carbon and renewable energy boiler systems is very important to ERK and a goal we are actively pursuing with our energy transition strategy. We are therefore excited to see that we rank very well in these two categories. Based on these results we will continue to improve the efficiency of biomass, waste and fossil fuel fired boilers to strengthen our market position and reduce the impact on the environment.

12MWe biomass gasification cogenaration plant won U.S. Award for Corporate Excelence in Environmental Sustainability

In 2011 our licensee Berkes from Uruguay commissioned the 12 MWe Weyerhauser biomass gasification cogeneration plant in Uruguay. 5 years later the plant is not only performing as designed but received the Award for Corporate Excellence in Environmental Sustainability by the U.S. Deputy Secretary.

Our client Weyerhaeuser Productos S.A. in Uruguay received the award for building the 80 MWth renewable energy facility. Additionally, the plant has been recognized as a “Project of National Interest” by the government of Uruguay. Berkes has a biomass gasification track-record of more than 800 MWth, which helped them win this project. We like to congratulate all involved in this project for this achievement and are looking forward to expanding our biomass and RDF gasification reference list with Berkes in the future.

Combination of ERK boilers with algae for carbon capture

Lowering the carbon intensity of boiler systems is a key part of ERK’s energy transition strategy and we believe that the incorporation of algae  is one promising option to achieve this. In addition to a lower carbon intensity algae is an interesting product for multiple industries, such as food and pharmaceuticals, which opens up new business opportunities for owners of boiler plants worldwide.

After having completed an algae R&D project with the University of Applied Sciences Wildau, where we successfully operated a small cogeneration plant, ERK now aims to build a first commercial plant

ERK to exhibit at leading marine conference SMM in Hamburg

ERK has decades of experience with marine boiler and heater systems and >600 references on bulkers, passenger vessels, oil tankers, drilling platforms and FPSO’s. Almost all references are directly fired or heat recovery water tube boilers. However, since the late 1990’s ERK designs fire tube boilers and is now capable to lower weight and volume of these by up to 50% by using our proprietary ERK Tube technology. Another new product in our marine portfolio are shell & tube heat exchangers.

To strengthen our position in the marine market ERK is going to attend the upcoming SMM Exhibition and Conference in Hamburg, 6-9th of September, and we are looking forward to meeting existing and new customers.

ERK won Berlin company rowing competition

On the 11th of June this year our ERK rowing team participated for the first time in a competitive Berlin company rowing regatta and won in the men’s division. Our Prof. Dr. Hellwig is a long-term rowing enthusiast and has established the team last year. Big congratulations to the team and we are looking forward to the 2017 regatta.



Newsletter May

We are already in the second quarter of 2016 and we would like to update you on our activities over the last three months. We already have various new boiler registrations since the beginning of this year and we are looking forward to further projects in 2016. An interesting observation is the growing number of bubbling fluidised bed boilers, three already in 2016, which demonstrates ERK experience in this field.

Thermal energy storage: A new business area for ERK

Thermal energy storage (TES) is a growing trend and we see synergies, as ERK is well established in the industrial boiler and heater market. TES is particularly interesting for process and district heating applications, which are key markets for ERK and where we have a strong track record. We have the expertise to design thermal energy storage systems using hot water (atmospheric and pressurised), steam (various pressure levels) and thermal oil. In addition to these well-established working fluids we can also opt for advanced materials, such as zeolites.

In addition to the working fluid we can support licensees and other clients with the optimisation of the TES capacity, dispatch strategy and system configuration. To improve design times and option comparison we are currently integrating the TES design into our new in-house boiler design software.

ERK announces its 28th licensee Conference

From 14th till 16th September 2016, ERK is going to host its 28th biannual licensee conference and workshop. We have chosen Berlin for this event, as we believe the current changes in the German energy system are of interest to many participants and are likely to occur similarly in other countries through the rising deployment of renewable energy systems.

The program will be comprehensive, ranging from technology solutions for the energy transition via improved design options for ERK boilers to expert reports and system optimisation. Key topics will include:


  •  Breaking new ground in cooperation between ERK licensees, presentations on best practices.

  • New demands - new solutions, e.g. rapid response, power-to-heat, thermal energy storage and marine boilers.

  • Improving boiler design and performance, e.g. flue gas condensation, multi-fuel units, ERK Tube design and new cleaning devices.

  •  Advances in modern combustion technologies, e.g. low NOx burners and flame detectors.

  • Expert reports on problems and damages, e.g. furnace design and flame impingement.


We are looking forward to meeting our licensees again to discuss business opportunities but also to build and maintain personal relationships with each other.

CSP hybrid project

ERK is already active in the concentrating solar power (CSP) business and we are glad to inform you about our cooperation with Industrial Solar on solar process heating and cooling. Industrial Solar is the world leader in Fresnel type solar fields for process heat with a track record of more than 13 reference plants worldwide.

Our technologies align very nicely from a technical perspective, such as working fluids, temperature and pressure, and a market perspective as both of us focus on industrial applications, such as food processing, manufacturing and energy efficiency. With ERK and Industrial Solar competencies a solar field can be integrated without process heat supply interruption to the client as the ERK boiler can compensate solar field load changes very rapidly. ERK has detailed expertise with CSP hybrids through our project team and a PhD candidature in this area.

ERK and Industrial Solar are already developing a few projects worldwide but we are interested in further greenfield and retrofit opportunities. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

ERK introduces compact fire tube heat recovery boiler range for marine and industrial applications

ERK has a long track record of  marine boilers with more than 600 references for hot water, thermal oil and steam boiler. These references include directly fired and heat recovery boilers on tankers, platforms, FPSO’s etc.

Until now, all our marine projects involved natural or forced circulation water tube boilers but with ERK’s proprietary ERK Tube technology, we are now also offering licenses for fire tube boilers. The ERK Tube technology enables weight and volume reductions of up to 40%. The case study on the right shows three different marine boilers with thermodynamically identical parameters , with a plain tube example at the top and two ERK Tube versions below. The smaller ERK Tube units lower the direct boiler cost and associated costs, such as transport, number and size of deck openings, and installation cost.

ERK Tubes are already being used in stationary fire tube boilers and marine heat exchangers. Total ERK Tube marine references to date exceed 20 units with forward contracts until 2018. The stronger focus on energy efficiency in the marine industry is likely to lead to a growing marine boiler market. ERK is now uniquely positioned to provide designs for standard and tailor-made projects with natural and forced circulation water tube boilers as well as compact fire tube boilers.



Newsletter December

With the end of 2015 coming close we would like to update you on the latest activities within ERK. We would like to wish all of you an enjoyable and relaxing festive season and are looking forward to new and exciting projects in 2016.

2015: A review

2015 has been an interesting year with quite a few interesting projects. Until now ERK and its licensees won 40 boiler and heater projects across various industries and with fuels, including waste, biomass, multi-fuels, heat recovery, coal and gas. In addition to our traditional business ERK continued to enter new markets, such as concentrating solar power and geothermal, and is strengthening its position in rapid response boilers to compensate intermittent renewable generation.

The year also brought some changes to the ERK licensee network with Sitson and DFPS from India as well as Bangkok Industrial Boiler (BIB) from Thailand leaving it. With this decision Sitson, DFPS and BIB are not allowed to sell corner tube boilers under the ERK trademark or use our references for sales activitis. LAWI Engineering from Germany, Eralp Kazan from Turkey and Martech Boiler from Vietnam joined our licensees network in 2015 and we are looking forward to new projects with them.

In 2015 we have started the development off various new products which we plan to introduce in 2016. These include rapid response boilers to compensate intermittent renewable generation, weight and volume optimised marine boiler, thermal energy storage and flue gas condensators. We believe that these products are required to meet the changing demands of the local and global energy market and are looking forward to commercialise them with our licensees. 2016 is going to be interesting!

6,000th ERK boiler reference

70 years after the installation of the 1st ERK boiler we are proud to announce the 6,000th ERK reference! The boiler is a heat recovery system behind an electric arc furnace and is going to be installed in a steel plant in Japan. The unit was registered by our licensee Tenova and ties together nicely ERK’s expertise with natural and forced circulation steam systems. The project consists of a water-cooled duct with forced circulation and a natural circulation heat recovery steam boiler with a total capacity of 58MW. Energy efficiency is a key market for ERK and with more than 200 references in this field we are looking forward to future projects.

ERK strengthens its position in the fluidised bed market

Fluidised bed firing systems are becoming increasingly common for the thermal use of coal, biomass, some waste materials and multi-fuels, and ERK is strengthening its position in this market with another patent. ERK was among the pioneers with the first fluidised bed boiler being installed in 1959. Throughout the last decades ERK continued to design fluidised bed boilers and in recent years increased activities in this field resulting in 50 global references with steam capacities ranging from 6-90 t/h (bubbling and circulating systems).

Fluidised bed boilers have various technical benefits, such as high combustion efficiency, low NOx and SO2 emissions. Particular benefits of fluidised bed designs available through the ERK licensee group include fuel flexibility and very low part-loads.

In addition to these technical benefits the multi-fuel capabilities allow the flexible use of multiple fuels (cost and availability) in a single boiler which supports the transition to a low carbon energy future. Boilers designed and installed today can still be operational in 2050 when the global energy mix is likely to be quite different to todays. Efficient multi-fuel boiler can support the energy transition by using currently low cost fuels and alternatives fuels when fossil fuel prices increase or carbon emission constraints are introduced more widely.

ERK has fluidised bed boilers operating successfully on a fuel mixtures of coal, wood, plastic, paper, cardboard, and tyres for almost 20 years. These mature units are continuously complemented by newer plants, such as our recent reference in the Czech Republic using coal and wood.

Currently, we are working on various new fluidised bed projects with our licensees and please feel free to contact our Mr. Viscuso if you have any questions about our expertise.

Load flexible heat recovery boiler for engine plants

Increasing deployment of intermittent wind and photovoltaic generation requires flexible back-up systems and reciprocating engines seem to be one technology of choice. The global deployment of engine plants is rising with plant capacities increasing to well above 200MWe. ERK is actively involved in this trend with high efficiency and load flexible HRSG’s. In the last 18 months our licensees supplied more than 15 such units and we are designing HRSG’s using the exhaust gas from a single and multiple engines.

Rapid load change capabilities are a key benefit of engine plants and ERK’s HRSG range is designed to follow engine loads changes very quickly. ERK has some boilers with more than 20% load change per minute in operation. Depending on the site footprint we can design horizontal and vertical HRSG for superheated steam, saturated steam, hot water, thermal oil or other working fluids.

In addition to the common one-on-one design (one HRSG for each engine) ERK has designs for two-on-one and three-on-one configurations. The benefit of coupling multiple engines to one HRSG are lower capital cost, a decrease in plant complexity and reduced maintenance cost. The experience to manage the flow distribution, back pressure and part-load operation of such HRSG’s is available at ERK.

Over the last months our licensee Selnikel was very successful supplying more than 10 HRSG's to engine projects. We would like to congratulate them for their success and are looking forward to further projects with Selnikel and other licensees worldwide.



Newsletter June

98% thermal efficiency? No Problem!

Recently, our licensee Remming  successfully commissioned a natural gas fired 58 MW corner tube type hot water heater for the Novi Sad district heating plant in Serbia. The boiler achieves a thermal efficiency >98% and is listed in our reference list as E5960.

A novel ERK Tube air preheater downstream the finned tube economizer enables flue gas condensation and this outstanding efficiency. Our licensee La Mont provided the ERK Tube technology for the air preheater. ERK supported Remming right from the start which demonstrates that our close cooperation is of benefit to our licensees and the plant owner/operator.

Remming delivered the project on time and budget and the plant operator is very satisfied with his new boiler. We are now looking forward to a similar unit commencing operation later this year in Germany.

For more detailed information about this project please contact our Mr. Sagasser.

References first quarter 2015

In the first months of 2015 ERK recorded 10 new boilers from various licensees within the group. We want to congratulate



These new units increase ERK’s total number of references to 5,986 units with an installed capacity of more than 80,000MW. For more detailed reference information please contact our Mr. Sharma.



ERK expands engineering portfolio

For more detailed information about our engineering capabilites please contact our Mr. Beyer.

New staff and expertise at ERK Berlin

ERK is glad to announce that in late March Dr. Juergen Peterseim joined us again in our Berlin office after representing ERK in Australia for almost 8 years. He has started his new role as Director Strategy & New Products due to his international expertise and in depth knowledge with boilers, power plants, and energy transition trends. 

During his time in Australia he strengthened ERK's business in Oceania and successfully supported our license Gasco to enter the boiler business. Dr. Peterseim will complement ERK's core boiler expertise with his power plant modelling capabilities. His focus in this area is on biomass, energy from waste, combined cycle, coal, concentrating solar power, and hybrid plants. This topics and the role of the different energy sources in Australia's transition to a low carbon future was the topic of his PhD candidature at the University of Technology, Sydney, where he is an honorary associate. He will also complement our R&D team and please feel free to contact our Dr. Peterseim if you have any questions.