energy solutions

since 1929

Eckrohr Boilers are always ahead when it comes to techno-economical solutions.

More than 6,000 boilers in operation and support from basic design to detail engineering

Complete energy solutions with highest efficiencies

Marine boilers – compact and high steam purity

Complete engineering services from design to simulation

CSP-system design, absorber tubes and back-up boilers (photomontage)

Always up-to-date

Instructional seminars are offered for licensees. They focus on

  • the calculation and design of the corner tube boilers
  • the thermal design
  • calculating the water circulation
  • instruction in construction details
  • combustion systems


Every two years, licensee conventions are held at different locations. They offer a pleasant atmosphere where experience can be shared concerning the current technological and market developments or about potential difficulties. Another important aspect of the conventions is to get to know one another and to possibly forge future cooperation projects within the ERK network.

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Licensees Conference 2011