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ERK transfers know-how and grants licences to plant manufacturers and engineering companies. The technological support within the scope of the licence and know-how contract enables licensees to manufacture state-of-the-art corner tube boilers and combustion systems that have proven themselves in operation.

How do I become a licensee?

In principle, every plant manufacturer and every engineering company can become a licensee and thus benefit from the extensive experience ERK has acquired over many years.

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Attention is paid to the fact that no licence applicants are in adverse competition with members of the Eckrohrkessel group. Quality standards in production regarding design and safety requirements must be met. A basic willingness to collaborate, maintain property rights and exchange information is expected of every licensee.

What services does the licenser provide?

ERK supports the group's members with consultation services in the design and manufacturing of corner tube boilers and combustion systems. Generally, the contracting partner receives basic designs with the corresponding calculations to support acquisition. The general communication with the contracting partner is based on their current consultation needs. To a contractually defined extent, the consultation services are included as a flat fee in the license fees.

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The licensees are informed about or instructed in the entire past and future development of corner tube boilers. They get an abstract and the patent number of all patents and property rights still valid or newly registered.

Corner tube boiler designs, calculations and suggestions for modification and improvement can be checked by ERK in support of the licensees work. If needed, engineering staff can be provided.

What does the licensee have to do in return?

When accepted into the ERK group, the licensee pays a one-off starting fee. For every corner tube boiler sold by the licensee for the duration of the contract a license fee is calculated on the basis of the thermal power capacity. Furthermore, the licensee promises to pay a minimum annual fee.

What is the duration of the contract?

The licence agreements are valid for five years and are automatically extended annually by another year after the course of four years.

How does the exchange of experience work?

The licensees guarantee that they will make any experience gained from the corner tube boiler available to all group members and communicate or relinquish patents and improvements capable of being protected to ERK. Regular licensee meetings enable the group to constantly improve the corner tube boiler technology.

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