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Due to staff overlaps between ERK and the Wildau University of Applied Sciences due to lectureships, a large number of R&D projects were initiated at the University of Applied Sciences over time. These projects were not only of a cooperative and industrial kind, but were also more generally scientific, as the following list of sample topics shows:

  • R&D on gas generation from biogenic substances
  • development of flow simulation software
  • development of software for thermodynamics and fluid dynamics in apparatus design
  • on-site soil rehabilitation with electrokinetic procedures
  • R&D on mechanical deformation to produce indentations on bare tubes
  • R&D to develop process technology to produce microalgae
  • modelling of reactions on the basis of measurements of exposure time in volumes with arbitrarily formed boundaries.
  • improvement of CFD (computational fluid dynamics) on the basis of OpenFOAM for reactive flows.
  • simulation of two-phase flows in selected systems.
  • simulation of flows in fluid-flow engines.


Due to their close cooperation with the Wildau University of Applied Sciences, ERK and La Mont together both have a lot of experience in the supervision of academic theses and internships.

ERK and La Mont are continuously offering students the possibility of absolving internships and writing their theses on topics the companies are actively involved in.


Scientific partners

One of our most importent partners in R&D is the University of Applied Sciences Wildau.