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Eckrohr Boilers are always ahead when it comes to techno-economical solutions.

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CSP-system design, absorber tubes and back-up boilers (photomontage)

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Technically ahead

ERK Eckrohrkessel GmbH grants licenses to manufacturers and engineering companies for the production of corner tube systems, without any geographical restrictions; these licenses can be expanded to include fuel engineering (fluidised bed, two-stage combustion) systems. Furthermore, the company offers engineering services in the area of general thermal power engineering. In close cooperation with academic institutions, forward-looking partner companies and operators, ERK conducts intense research in the fields of combustion, solar, reaction and heat transfer technology.

ERK Eckrohrkessel GmbH was founded in 1977 in Berlin as an offshoot from La Mont Herpen GmbH & Co. KG (now La Mont GmbH), which was established in 1929. Its parent companies were companies that were longstanding licensees of La Mont Herpen. ERK exclusively designed natural circulation corner tube-type boilers. From then on, La Mont Herpen only produced the La Mont-specific forced circulation system. For several years now, ERK licensees have also been able to benefit from La Mont's expertise.

Introducing ERK

Please note

Some boiler manufacturers try to sell forgeries of corner tube boilers under the brand name Eckrohrkessel. These constructions are mostly used in areas for which they were not designed, often resulting in damage. Such faulty designs not only damage our reputation and that of our licensees, they frequently also pose a considerable safety risk for those immediately concerned.

Please note that only boilers which appear on our reference list have been designed and checked by us

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  • Important notice: BIB, Bangkok Industrial Boilers, is not our licensee anymore since 2016.

  • ERK is glad to announce the registration of the 6,000th ERK boiler. The boiler is a combination of natural and forced circulation and is going to be installed in a steel plant in Japan.

  • ERK is glad to announce that we are officially recognised as an innovative company with “Innovative through research”. This award reflects well our research activities which set ERK on a sustainable growth trajectory.