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since 1929

Eckrohr Boilers are always ahead when it comes to techno-economical solutions.

More than 6,000 boilers in operation and support from basic design to detail engineering

Complete energy solutions with highest efficiencies

Marine boilers – compact and high steam purity

Complete engineering services from design to simulation

CSP-system design, absorber tubes and back-up boilers (photomontage)

Perfect predictions

Thanks to the development of a special software programme, we can produce very sophisticated water circulation calculations enabling us to create very realistic designs. Back in the 1960s, our parent company La Mont started developing a programme for the calculation of pressure loss for all types of boilers, which has been used ever since for the design of corner tube boilers and has been gradually enhanced.

What does the software do?

  • convenient calculation of the flow conditions in natural and forced circulation boilers
  • a detailed assessment of the water circulation in the various types of boilers
  • identification of risk areas
  • further possibilities of calculating pressure variation speeds, as seen from the perspective of boiler designers
  • calculation of water displacement in the drum during start-ups
  • calculation of the temperature variation speed to assess the stresses occurring as a result of load change and start-ups or shut-downs
  • changes in water level to assess the drum water level during a station blackout
  • determining the flow stability of heated tube systems

The services offered by ERK are not limited to boiler manufacturing and design, but also include all power engineering systems. That also makes it very interesting for plant operators.

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The conventional solutions are reached quicker when started correctly.

Advantages for plant operators

ERK Eckrohrkessel's service portfolio is not limited to just boiler construction and design, but covers the entire technology of energy-based systems. This is what makes it so interesting for plant operators.