energy solutions

since 1929

Eckrohr Boilers are always ahead when it comes to techno-economical solutions.

More than 6,000 boilers in operation and support from basic design to detail engineering

Complete energy solutions with highest efficiencies

Marine boilers – compact and high steam purity

Complete engineering services from design to simulation

CSP-system design, absorber tubes and back-up boilers (photomontage)

Performing better out of experience

The thermal engineering software programme was developed over the course of many decades and is constantly being updated by integrating new insights in construction design, particularly with regard to the behaviour of various fuels and new combustion systems.

To quickly rule out possible sources of error, measurements of the boilers are carried out regularly to compare the measured results with the original calculations. The checks have so far shown very satisfactory agreement with the practical applications.

The software programme analyses the heat transfer in all surfaces of the boiler – covering both the flue gas and the water-steam aspects. A complete analysis of the boiler is also conducted to determine the amount of fuel or energy supply needed for a generally pre-specified efficiency level.

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Energy has to be delivered without losses, we do it the best.

Advantages for plant operators

ERK Eckrohrkessel's service portfolio is not limited to just boiler construction and design, but covers the entire technology of energy-based systems. This is what makes it so interesting for plant operators.